TCU has recently partnered with the industry leader, Tailgate Guys, to offer premium tailgate packages in front of Ed and Rae Schollmaier Arena. For all inquiries, visit the link below, or contact via phone at 214-998-0476.

Tailgate Guys

Tailgating Policies

  • One parking pass, one parking spot.
  • Please tailgate behind your vehicle and keep tailgating items adjacent to front or rear of your vehicle.
  • No tailgating equipment or seating is permitted in the parking lot driveways, road ways, pedestrian walkways and fire lanes, or any University landscaped areas.
  • The drinking age in Texas is 21. Please observe all local and state laws.
  • The selling of alcohol or use of kegs is strictly prohibited.
  • Fire extinguishers (ABC) or a bucket of water MUST accompany any BBQ or pit.
  • Secure all tailgate items, extinguish all flames, and unplug electrical outlets before entering the stadium.
  • Dump stations are available in Lots 1 and 3 for coals and/or ashes.
  • Please place all trash into trash receptacles and help keep our stadium clean.
  • TCU does not allow the rights to display advertising, banners, signs, or commercially logoed vehicles or the distribution of promotional items anywhere on the grounds.
  • Violations will be sited by FWPD or TCUPD. TABC rules govern all alcohol usage.


    For those using the services of Tailgate Guys, contact Tailgate Guys to organize your catering needs. Also, visit their website above for more information.

    For those in donor parking lots, ff you wish to have catering at your tailgate, you must notify the TCU Frog Club office at least 48 hours prior to kickoff. All caterers must have the appropriate identification and parking passes to enter the TCU parking lots on game day. Caterers must be on the approved list to be issued a parking pass by the TCU Frog Club Office. For a complete list of approved caterers, CLICK HERE.